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BABYLON 5 comes to Blu-ray

I’m sure most of you saw on Tuesday that Babylon 5 is coming to Blu-ray.

If you didn’t see the news: 

Babylon 5 is coming to Blu-ray on 5 December 2023! 

The set is now up for pre-order at:

Amazon US 

Amazon UK 

There’s not a lot of data available, but the 21-disc set appears to include the pilot and the 110 episodes of the series proper, as exhibited in high definition on HBO Max between 2020 and 2022.

I have many thoughts on the release, mostly informed by my talks with co-producer George Johnsen and editor David Foster, but they’ll keep until I’ve had time to write them up properly in a forthcoming briefing. 

But, briefly, I am delighted with this news. Not only does it allow future viewers to see a version of the show much closer to the intended vision of those I’ve been interviewing for the last few years, but it signals–along with Babylon 5: The Road Home and the potential television reboot–a renewed interest in the property.

Now I’m off to interview an Australian and make an appointment with someone else who’s never–to my knowledge–spoken about B5…see you Monday.

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